Hi everyone! Welcome to the Green Adventure Blog! Here you will find information on cities all around the world, and how to eat vegan in those cities. All photos are taken by me, enjoy!


Hi! My name is Jorgenna, I have been traveling since I was 4 months old and haven’t stopped since! I became vegan when I was 14 and created this blog to share my traveling experiences while showing how I maintain a vegan diet all around the world.



Kyoto was a perfect introduction to Japan before going to Tokyo. Kyoto allowed us to see more of the history and cultural aspects of Japan    The Nishiki Market is a well known market full of vendors, shops, restaurants, and PLENTY of street food. Nishiki is not the only market in Kyoto, although it is …

Visiting Japan

In late August to early September I went on a trip to Japan for three weeks for my 18th birthday. I took the trip with my mom, dad, and grandpa. We visited Kyoto and Tokyo while also taking many day trips


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