Day trip to Toledo

Toledo is a famous walled city about 40miles from Madrid. It is the perfect embodiment of the Spanish culture. You will enjoy the history and culture while also being surrounded by modern restaurants and cafes.

We took a train to get to the city, and from there you can choose to take a guided tour, a taxi, or simply walk around the city

A small train that runs all throughout the city took us around the city and stopped a few times for us to take photos. Usually I prefer to explore on foot, but this is a good alternative if you are short on time or want stories and other details of the city


If you venture out on foot, you’ll have fun exploring the unique streets, or even if you take a taxi it will be interesting to see your driver barely fitting through the spaces!


Visit breathtaking cathedrals scattered all over Toledo, either admire them from the outside or you can choose to pay a small fee and visit the inside which I recommend because they are all amazing.

Day trip to Segovia

While in Spain, we took a day trip to Segovia. A modern city built among an ancient medieval city


After taking a train from Madrid and a bus, we were dropped off in front of the ancient city. Segovia is famous for the ancient Roman aqueduct that was built thousands of years ago and still works to this day!

I recommend spending a good portion of the day here and planning to have lunch here. While exploring the city, you may stumble upon an enormous cathedral, which is the tallest building in the city.

If you continue to venture off through the city, you will find these gates that lead to something even more impressive…

This is the Alcazar de Segovia, a castle that looks like it came straight out of a children’s fairytale book. Sadly, it was under construction so we couldn’t go inside, but the area surrounding the castle has a beautiful view of Segovia.

Buen Retiro Park

The Buen Retiro Park is a popular hangout place for many locals in Madrid.


The park has many water features including little row boats!


But don’t worry, If you don’t like the water, you can stick to the paths in the park and enjoy the scenary.


While you’re walking you may come across a crystal castle!


There’s even a museum inside. Go inside, take some photos, and enjoy the view!

Visiting Spain and Paris

In the summer of 2016, my parents and I took a backpacking trip to Spain. Whenever I visit Spain it’s always special to me because I used to live there as a little girl. It feels like home and as if I had never left. On our trip we visited Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, and Barcelona. After about 10 days, we went to Paris to finish off our trip.

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