Maui: Activities

Maui is filled with hundreds of activities, from zip lining to snorkeling, you can find anything here


Zip lining can be relaxing for some, but nerve wrecking for others. If you’re conquering a fear or enjoying the view, this is a safe activity for people of all ages. The company you go with also makes a difference. Skyline Eco Adventures made the whole experience fun and enjoyable for everyone


Snorkeling in Molokini and turtle town was amazing. Molokini is a crater just off the coast of Maui, we took a boat there so if you get motion sickness, take dramamine. It is a bird sanctuary on top and a marine sanctuary on the bottom. I was nervous at first but once you get in the water and see how calm the fish and coral reef is you’ll love it!

Paddle boarding is a fun water sport to try. A placid beach with less waves would be ideal. Whatever you do, don’t look down!

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Maui: Road to Hana

Hana was my favorite part of the trip, it is located on the eastern part of the island. I loved it because of the black sand beaches,  waterfalls, and because of how isolated it is from the crowds and touristy parts. My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer. When you talk to other people about Hana they will all tell you how difficult it is to drive on Hana Highway. When we heard this, we decided to take a guided van tour and play it safe but while we were on the tour we instantly regretted not driving there ourselves.

There are hundreds of turns, narrow bridges, and times where the lane is a lane and a half wide. I recommend driving there yourself if you have an experienced driver and stopping along the side of the road for hiking trails, fruit stands, or simply just to take photos. Ideally I would of liked to drive to Hana, spend the night, then come back the next day.

Experience the black sand beach at Wai’anapanapa. You can go swimming, fishing, or camp on this unique spot. Also, pay a visit to the lava cave and blowholes

No trip to Hana is complete without visiting a waterfall. Along the highway there are plenty, so be ready with a bathing suit and towel to jump in!


The Seven Sacred Pools were another highlight, even though the journey can be long and nerve wrecking, it is worth it when you get to see the pools. Sadly, swimming was not permitted when I went but the view itself is worth the trip


If you’re looking for a nice hiking trail, Hana is filled with them. Most of them are hidden and lead to waterfalls making them even more isolated and beautiful than the average hiking trail. These are also nice places to stop for lunch and have a picnic


Another perk of driving to Hana yourselves and not having a tour guide is having the freedom to stop at as many roadside fruit stands and attractions as you want.

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Check out Lahaina and Kaanapali

Maui: Lahaina and Kaanapali

Maui is one of the main 8 islands of Hawaii, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you want to unwind in the resorts in Wailea, go shopping in Lahaina, hiking in Hana, or water sports in Kaanapali, Maui has it all!

Our first stop was Launiupoko Beach Park. If your’e looking for a place to camp this beach is a good place to do so. It has a smaller pond section for children and the beach itself is beautiful. Don’t forget your hammocks!


Front Street in Lahaina is a nice walk next to the beach filled with restaurants, handmade tikis, and the 144 year old Banyan Tree! If the timing is right you could even go to a town party on the 2nd Friday of the month and if you’re really there at the right time you could go to a birthday party for the Banyan Tree held every year!


Napili Beach is another beautiful beach. The calm, warm, crystal clear water is perfect for paddle boarding. I suggest trying a coconut while you’re in Hawaii, they’re everywhere!


The Pacific itself is a sight to sea. Whether it’s a rainbow or a turtle, the ocean holds tons of unique things. Take some time and look at all the aquatic life and admire your view of the surrounding islands

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