Paris Vegan Restaurants

Even though the average restaurant didn’t have many vegan options we were able to create many makeshift vegan meals. Though the vegan restaurants were amazing we usually had to go a far distance to find them. When traveling in Paris just remember one thing. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… You can make anything vegan!!!

The first night we arrived to our hotel, most things were closed, so we went into a random bar/restaurant to eat ratatouille and rice. This dish can be found mostly anywhere in France and is typically vegan or can be made vegan.

Another make shift vegan meal. When we went to the Eiffel Tower we stopped  at a sandwich place that made a veggie sandwich along with a cup of strawberries.


Le Potager de Marais

This all vegan restaurant was definatly my favorite. The first night we went (yes I say “the first night” because I just had to go back) I had roasted bell peppers, veggies, and mashed potatoes then creme brûlée for dessert.

The second time I went I had a veggie platter with mashed potatoes on top and a zucchini soup along with some lemonade. This place was truly amazing, I would have come back again if I had more time!



This all vegan oatmeal bar was not only a break from makeshift vegan breakfast sandwiches but also a nice little cafe to drink some tea and relax. I ate here twice and as much as I like trying new things, I had the same oatmeal because it was just so good. I ordered one with chocolate chips, strawberries, and coconut shreds. They also offer cakes and milkshakes which are just as delicious.


Chicago Vegan Restaurants

It was no surprise to me when I realized there were many Chicago vegan restaurants, I mean after all the city itself is among one of the most diverse in the U.S.

Protein Bar

Although The Protein Bar was not an all vegan or an all vegetarian restaurant, it did offer a number of vegan options


Native Foods Cafe

An all vegan restaurant that serves anything from lavender lemonade to delicious nachos. I’m all for trying new foods but I couldn’t resist coming back to this place over and over….and over.

Barcelona Vegan Restaurants

Barcelona did have many vegan options available. Though I did not visit as many vegan restaurants as I had hoped, the ones I did visit were delicious.



My favorite restaurant in Barcelona. An all vegan deli serving freshly made hamburger, nachos, desserts, etc . Sadly, all good things must come to an end so this take out deli closed but their delicious cinnamon rolls will never be forgotten.


Cat Bar

A hip all vegan cat themed restaurant and trust me, the food is just as good as the decor.

Madrid Vegan Restaurants

Finding vegan food in Madrid was always easy and accessible. Most restaurants offered traditional Spaniard food from gazpacho to paella and even a variety of vegan tapas.


Eco Madrid

A small mom and pop all vegan restaurant owned by a friendly couple. They only served one menu item each day and make it on the spot. I had a sandwich and ordered a watermelon batido (watermelon and ice). Sadly the restaurant closed but its delicious batidos will live in infamy.



An all vegan restaurant that offers traditional Spaniard food. They provide a welcoming and crafty environment.



An all vegan restaurant near the Gran Via. Hear, I ordered a flower drink and gazpacho as an appetizer. For dinner, I had a plate of vegetables with a special sauce. For dessert I had a mixture of ice cream and whipped cream topped with mango flavoring. Everything I tried from this restaurant was amazing. I also thought the bathroom signs were interesting….can you tell which is which?

Viva Burger

A daily new all vegan restaurant, but what they lack in experience they gain in their quality of food. We decided to eat fried yuca along with alioli and brava sauce along with a veggie wrap and a fruit smoothie.


Rayen Vegano

An all vegan restaurant that serves healthy organic dishes. You may find a variety of traditional Spaniard food.


Punto Vegano

An all vegan restaurant only a short walk from the Temple of Debod. They offer a variety of Western food along with many drinks and desserts.


Llanten Vegan

An all vegan restaurant ran by a hospitable couple. Be sure to try the chroizo con patatas and their artesian ice cream.