We spent most of our trip in Berlin, exploring the many parks, museums, and monuments while emerging ourselves in the history and culture.

Soccer is popular in Berlin, The Champions League Final was even held in Berlin in 2015

Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church in Berlin, also known as the Berlin Cathedral, located on Museum Island

The Rotes Rathaus (town hall)


The Berlin Aquarium was filled with all kinds of sea life. I enjoyed this aquarium because it was so unique.

Weekend farmers markets are very popular. I recommend visiting one if you have the chance to go. You may even be surprised with a from spiderman and his entourage spreading vegan awareness

TV tower in Alexanderplatz which is also the tallest building in Germany. You can have a full view of the city from the top.



Climb the stairs to the top of the victory column! Even though the way up to the top can be a bit tiring, the view is worth it.

Checkpoint Charlie was the most well known crossing point between West and East Berlin during the Cold War


And finally one of my favorite parts was all the street art around the city. I mean who doesn’t enjoy seeing art everywhere on their walk home everyday.


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