Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau was a concentration camp ran by the Nazis during WW2. It is located near Munich and has now been made into a museum and a memorial site for visitors.


This is the entrance of the camp, there are fences everywhere and even a gate that contains the quote “work will set you free” in German.

The photo is a picture of the memorial museum. Inside, one can find photos, artifacts, articles, etc about the history of the camp and the people that were forced to work here.


The camp includes a sculpture by Nandor Glid. The sculpture seems to depict several bodies or bones along with limbs that turn into barbed wire.


The gas chambers are also open to the public. The first photo shows the exterior of the gas building, while the second photo shows the inside of an actual gas chamber. The inside was a wide room that could cram in about 150 people at a time. There are no windows, only fixtures in the ceiling for expelling  toxic gas.


Photos taken of the crematorium where dead bodies were burned. The bodies were placed in the bigger compartment while the ashes were taken out of the bottom.


Although these photos are not of the actual bunkers from WW2, these were made to accurately depict the originals.

A Jewish Memorial was also built at the camp.


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