Maui: Activities

Maui is filled with hundreds of activities, from zip lining to snorkeling, you can find anything here


Zip lining can be relaxing for some, but nerve wrecking for others. If you’re conquering a fear or enjoying the view, this is a safe activity for people of all ages. The company you go with also makes a difference. Skyline Eco Adventures made the whole experience fun and enjoyable for everyone


Snorkeling in Molokini and turtle town was amazing. Molokini is a crater just off the coast of Maui, we took a boat there so if you get motion sickness, take dramamine. It is a bird sanctuary on top and a marine sanctuary on the bottom. I was nervous at first but once you get in the water and see how calm the fish and coral reef is you’ll love it!

Paddle boarding is a fun water sport to try. A placid beach with less waves would be ideal. Whatever you do, don’t look down!

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