Barcelona is a thriving city because of the proximity of the Mediterranean  Ocean and all the things to do in the city itself, it is mostly known for its architecture and art.


First things first, a visit to “las ramblas” while in Barcelona is essential. A long strip of vendors, restaurants, cafes, shops, street performers etc. It begins with this memorial of Christopher Columbus and continues on after that.

Check out the world famous stadium, home to FC Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia is a well known Roman Catholic Church. Though I did not get to go inside because of the construction, the outside was amazing to see.


It won’t take long to realize why Barcelona is known for its architecture. You can make a day out of walking around the city and simply looking at all the intricate architecture displayed around the city

Be sure to take a visit to the beach. Arguable one of the most beautiful beaches I have visited because of the crystal clear water….just make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did and unknowingly end up in the middle of a nude beach!


Barcelona is home to the Picasso Museum and many Flamenco dancers performing everyday. Photos or videos were not permitted in either of these things, but they are definitely worth a visit.

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