Madrid is a city full of unique culture and is filled with lots of history, so I wanted to share different things that I love about the city

The Royal Palace is a must see for anyone visiting Madrid

If you are a real Madrid fan, you will not be disappointed. There are fans and fan gear everywhere!


The oldest restaurant in the world “El Botin” is located in Madrid, although they do not have vegan food I had to pay this restaurant a visit because of my favorite author, Ernest Hemingway’s references to it in The Sun Also Rises.

The city itself is always awake! Other than the daily siesta, most of the locals will enjoy a casual night walking around the city or even starting their dinner or eating some tapas at 10pm. Most places don’t close until midnight

For any art lovers El Prado Museum is the place to go. Many works of art displayed by thousand year old artists can be viewed here

Street art is everywhere! Take a second to admire it

Check out Egyptian Ruins at the Temple of Debod at the local park, you won’t be disappointed

Check out Buen Retiro Park

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