Paris Vegan Restaurants

Even though the average restaurant didn’t have many vegan options we were able to create many makeshift vegan meals. Though the vegan restaurants were amazing we usually had to go a far distance to find them. When traveling in Paris just remember one thing. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… You can make anything vegan!!!

The first night we arrived to our hotel, most things were closed, so we went into a random bar/restaurant to eat ratatouille and rice. This dish can be found mostly anywhere in France and is typically vegan or can be made vegan.

Another make shift vegan meal. When we went to the Eiffel Tower we stopped  at a sandwich place that made a veggie sandwich along with a cup of strawberries.


Le Potager de Marais

This all vegan restaurant was definatly my favorite. The first night we went (yes I say “the first night” because I just had to go back) I had roasted bell peppers, veggies, and mashed potatoes then creme brûlée for dessert.

The second time I went I had a veggie platter with mashed potatoes on top and a zucchini soup along with some lemonade. This place was truly amazing, I would have come back again if I had more time!



This all vegan oatmeal bar was not only a break from makeshift vegan breakfast sandwiches but also a nice little cafe to drink some tea and relax. I ate here twice and as much as I like trying new things, I had the same oatmeal because it was just so good. I ordered one with chocolate chips, strawberries, and coconut shreds. They also offer cakes and milkshakes which are just as delicious.


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  1. I love the idea of your blog! Such a great thing to do. My sister is vegan and she has her own blog like this as well so I can relate, I’ve been thinking about going vegan plenty of times and I actually have tried lots of vegan meals and they are delicious!

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